Winamp MIDI to WAV Conversion:

Whether you want to share the real sound of your MIDI set-up with others or simply send Mom a CD of homemade Christmas music for the holidays, you will eventually find yourself looking for a way to convert your MIDI compositions into CD audio. There are a handful of converters available for this purpose to be found on the web, but perhaps the easiest to use of all is Winamp. After simple reconfiguration Winamp will allow you to easily convert your MIDI files to WAVs which can then be recorded directly onto an audio CD. Following are instructions for how to configure Winamp to do this.

First download and install Winamp v5.11..

Play with it a bit to learn how to open folders, select music files, crop your selection down to one or many files. If you have more than one file in the 'Playlist' box you will notice that Winamp will play them all one after the other. You can use this feature to convert a whole group of MIDI files at one time.

Make a new folder on your hard drive called "wavs" or something, to receive the output from Winamp.

Now you're ready to configure Winamp. Start Winamp, click 'Options' and 'Preferences':

In the 'Preferences' box under 'Plug-ins' select 'Input' and then 'Nullsoft MIDI player'. Click 'Configure':

On the 'Device' tab select 'DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer [with output]' and click 'OK':

Return to the 'Preferences' box, select 'Output', 'Nullsoft Diskwriter' and click 'Configure':

Click the 'Output directory' button.

Select your output folder in the browse box and then click the 'OK' button.

Last, click 'OK' on the 'Configuration' box and then the 'Close' button on the 'Preferences' box.

That's it! With this set-up you can now convert MIDIs to WAVs. You can move these new sounds to storage for use as system event sounds or, if you have a CD burner, assemble a group of them for use in creation of an audio CD. Please note that no sound output will be heard when converting a file so don't be surprised.

One last thing: With this configuration every time you use Winamp to play a MIDI it will record a WAV which, if done mindlessly, will eat your hard drive alive. Disable the recording function return to 'Nullsoft MIDI player' configuration and select another device from the Device list on Device tab.

Sorry for taking so long to do this update, but better late than never ;) -Chad Chadwick

If you have more questions about this or other Winamp features visit the Winamp Forums.