Click below to listen during church services:

After clicking the above link, do the following:

Click Connect Audio.

If asked to allow microphone access, allow it.

(You will be muted, but the software requires microphone access.)

You may need to plug in headphones or a cable in your microphone port.

Or you can enable a recording device:

In Windows 10...

In the Start Menu...
type sound.
Select Sound in the search results.
Click the Recording tab.
Right-click on Stereo Mix (or another device) and click Enable.

The above link may not work on Apple devices yet.

You can also listen by calling 717 965 8797.

If you get a busy signal, try the following:

(Listening online instead of by phone may free up phone lines for others.)

Place your call early.

Hang up and redial until you get through.

(This may take a few minutes.)